Slowly but surely

Sands and Dimauro have caught two more keepers, the latest Sands said he believes is around 4-and-half pounds.

After experimenting with a couple different presentations to see if they can generate some bites, Sands switched back to the Carolina Rig to catch their second biggest fish.

“This is the first time I’ve picked up a spinning rod all week. There’s too many down there not to try it,” Sands said.

While Day 2 started with a bang, Day 3 has played out similar to the first day of the tournament. Sands said on Day 1, they were getting a bite every 45 minutes or so and he expects it to play out that way today.

“When they are ready to bite we will be ready,” he added.

Dimauro said while they have gotten plenty of fish to eat their Carolina Rigged worms throughout the week, but they have also felt bites that they never connected with.

“We are throwing 3-4 oz weight and when we looked at the weights last night they had teeth marks on them,” Dimauro said. “They keep eating the weight.”