Slight upgrade for Lefebre

Lefebre just upgraded to right over 15-pounds. 

After covering the pad fields for a brief amount of time, he reverted back to his bread and butter, flipping cover in the same pockets that have produced well for him this week. 

The day is far from over for Lefebre, who came into today with a 4-6 cushion over the unofficial leader Takahiro Omori. Lefebre was off to a slow start this morning but filled his limit within a 45 minute time frame. He still has room in the box for a couple of upgrades and another flurry could catapult him back to the top. 

To the casual observer the last upgrade looked to be a good fish on the hookset and the fight, but unfortunately the fish was wrapped up in dense cover and not much bigger than the smallest in the livewell.