Shallow water 101 with Bill Lowen

With the daytime temperatures pushing into the low 90s and the humidity at ridiculous levels, the water temperature on Lake Eufaula is easing upward every day toward the mid-80s.

But Bill Lowen just doesn’t care.

“I don’t pay any attention to that at all,” said Lowen, who took the lead Wednesday with five bass that weighed 23 pounds, 4 ounces. “I kind of take water temperature and throw it out the window.”

Instead of the temperature reading, Lowen looks for other markers that suggest bass will be holding in a shallow area.

“There’s always things you have to look for,” he said. “The bream spawn, creek channels and things that keep those big fish up there before they go offshore.”

Then, he counts on fish that stay “up there” all the time.

“I’m a firm believer that there’s always resident fish or I call them ‘shallow fish’ that don’t even know there’s a main lake out there. I try to find those fish everywhere we go.”

He certainly found them Wednesday — and he’ll be back in the shallows already today.