Shallow, deep or maybe both

Kentucky Lake is one of the best offshore lakes in the country and is a staple on the Tennessee River. With so many offshore options to choose from many people think that is how the High School Championship will be won, but if past years results tell us anything it's that 3 days of shallow fishing have prospered more than the deep bite.

Today's weather isn't as conducive for a deep bite as many would like but it could play to the advantage of teams fishing shallow. Every team I've talked to fishing shallow have had a couple in the box meanwhile it has been hit or miss offshore from the reports I'm getting.

Mixing in both could be key for teams this week.

The Louisiana team of Jacob Tarpley and Keigan Maturin have two in the box including a smallmouth so far. They are the most recent shallow team I've seen. They said the last few days of practice have yielded some good shallow fish.