Second verse, same as the first

There was a lull of about 90 minutes at mid-morning yesterday; then the Lake Okeechobee freak show resumed as the noon hour approached. Well, here we go again.

Timmy Horton caught a conservatively estimated 6-6 at 11:24 to put him up to 18-6 for the day, with 4 fish. He just landed No. 5, which should give him 20-plus pounds. David Fritts caught a 7-0 at 11:33 to give him 20 pounds. Casey Ashley landed a 6-pounder at 11:37. He has moved into the top 10. Dean Rojas caught a 6-pounder at 11:44 to put him over 20 pounds today and into contention.

It's definitely feeding time at Lake Okeechobee--again.