Sampson and Sampson take the win

Fifteen teams participated in the CBT's final event of the 2020 regular season this past Saturday. With the South Louisiana heat in full force, most were anticipating a long day ahead of the blastoff. At the 3:30 weigh-in, it was somewhat confirmed with many anglers expressing just how hot it gets out on the water. As has been the case all year though, a few teams really rose to the challenge and brought in some heavy stringers.

In third place was Fred King and Roy Laborde with 14.64 lbs. for which they received $450. Coming in second place was the team of Danny and Greg Morales with 16.44 lbs. for which they took home $675. Besting the field in total weight, as well as taking home the Big Bass award was the Father/Son team of Brad and Rodney Sampson. They were able to put together an impressive 16.48 lb stringer, as well as a 4.98 lb. Big Bass! For their efforts, they took home a combined $1275!

We want to thank everyone who has shown support and fished with the CBT this year as it has been a drawn-out season with all that we have had to overcome. Between Covid and Cristobal, we were forced to move three events in a row creating much uncertainty on if the trail could keep going. We are glad to have finally completed our 5 event season and are looking forward to the Championship in September. We will soon post the list of all who have qualified, as well as the updated points race results.

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