Sabine shines on Day 1

So much for all the dire predictions from the anglers about this tournament. Most of those were based on the inability to fish Louisiana waters this time, after being able to in 2013 and 2015.

However, Greg Hackney's 16-pound, 3-ounce limit yesterday has been topped only once in the previous two Elite Series tournaments on the Sabine River. Todd Faircloth weighed 16-8 on Day 2 en route to his 2013 victory.

And the 12-inch minimum length limit vs. 14 inches previously had a major effect. There were 92 five-bass limits caught by the 108 anglers, although one of those didn't count. Fletcher Shryock lost his due to a late penalty - a major late penalty - when he forgot the weigh-in time for his flight.

But that was the only zero on the scoreboard, and 107 anglers caught at least two keepers. In 2013 there were 17 limits and 13 zeroes on Day 1. In 2015 there were 39 limits and 10 zeroes on Day 1.