Rookie race after Day 2

Day 1 wasn't a flash in the pan for the 2017 Rookie class as they continued their stellar start on Friday as well. In fact, eight of the 11 rookies improved their positioning from Day 1 to Day 2. Overall, the rookies moved up 65 spots as a group. This isn't an outlier as there have been some stout rookie classes, but the 2017 class has flexed their muscles and shown their skill just two days into the year. There will be two rookies and one newcomer (Jacob Wheeler) on Bassmaster LIVE today so we will once again see if they are wise beyond their years and can adjust with another different weather day.

A total of seven rookies will launch their boat and fish on Saturday, that's 64 percent of the rookie field; pretty stout.

Rookie standings    Day 1 to Day 2
1. Jesse Wiggins - 2nd to 1st
2. Jamie Hartman - 5th to 3rd
3. Skylar Hamilton - 8th to 8th
4. Dustin Connell - 21st to 14th
5. Darrell Ocamica - 56th to 42nd
6. Mark Daniels Jr. - 34th to 44th
7. Alton Jones Jr. - 67th to 49th
8.  Gerald Spohrer - 103rd to 81st
9. Tyler Carriere - 78th to 82nd
10. Jesse Tacoronte - 105th to 91st
11. Robbie Latuso - 107th to 106th