Rivet gets the party started

Tyler Rivet came into Day 2 of this event in 3rd place with 14-6. He trailed leader Mark Rose by 1-3. He didn’t have a kicker like Rose, just four solid fish and a two pounder.

Rivet started his day off without a bite for roughly 45 minutes, but just landed two fish within 15 minutes. “I just needed the presence of Ronnie, that’s all,” Rivet said jokingly. “The first hour was slow, but I’m glad you showed up when you did.”

Obviously I wasn’t the reason for his success, but it always makes the cameraman feel good that at least I brought positive mojo and some smiles.

Rivet was happy with his pattern and thought it could be even better than yesterday. While typing this blog he caught his third fish of the day, a 3 to 3 1/2 pounder.

His three fish logged into BASSTrakk are 1-12, 2-6 and 3-4. I'd agree with the accuracy of those estimates. That has him at 7-6. Solid start to his day. It’s always fun when you can catch fish on topwater.