Up the river

I’m about 40 miles up the Colorado River this morning, following Jason Christie. I left early, took my time and enjoyed the ride.

I was virtually the only boat on the lake, which is nice on this lake. The wind is blowing, but this narrow, winding lake doesn’t get bumpy too bad. At least from the wind.

By midday, it will be like a washing machine with big boats and a ton of jet ski riders that seem to like to do nothing more than ride in circles. So it was nice to have a comfortable ride for at least part of the day.

Plus we have some cloud cover this morning and conventional fishing knowledge says the fish should be biting in this clear water. I’m hoping they do for everyone.

There’s obviously some giants that live in this lake. It'll be cool to see a bunch of them today, even after all the unpleasurable boats start churning up the water.

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