A real grind

After two hours of bouncing on 3-foot waves and being splashed by boat spray, I had dad take me back to the launch ramp. We weren’t catching fish and I was tired.

I have to give kudos to the pros who fish all day for weeks at a time. Tournament fishing is a physical and mental grind. It’s nothing like fishing for fun.

I chilled out at camp. While I was there, I meet Kotaro Kiriyama and his wife. They are so nice! They travel together in a pickup camper.

Koto isn’t fishing the Open tournament. He stopped by on his way home from a tournament at Lake Champlain to have the support crew work on his boat.

Dad came off the water about 6 o’clock. We went straight to Subway. Bass Pro Pat Golden was there. Dad took my picture with him.

I have one question for any women that fish tournaments and compete with the men. Where or how do you go to the bathroom when there’s a strange man in the boat? Please send any suggestions to my Facebook page.

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