A race within a race

There are always games within the game. Or races within the race.

This final day has a few of those.

At the top of the list is the Angler of the Year race. Jamie Hartman leads that at the moment. He went into today with the lead in this event. And will likely lead that race at the end of day barring a complete disaster. If he doesn’t win he would lose a point for every place he drops.

He started the day with an 8-point lead over Buddy Gross, who could wind up leading if disaster strikes.

Meanwhile Gross has 18-point lead on Taku Ito in the Rookie of the Year race. Ito could make up some ground today with a stellar day making that race tighter and more interesting as we prepare to head to St. Clair.

And not to forget, Cory Johnston watched his brother become the first Canadian to win a blue trophy last week. There’s nothing that will light your fire like trying to keep pace with a brother.

Races galore all over the lake.