The race is on

The race is on. Where it ends is anyone’s guess. And there would be a lot of guesses.

Our anglers took off this morning from Orange, Texas on the Sabine River.

If they were head north they could go as far as the Toledo Bend Dam. The river separates Louisiana and Texas. And backwaters in Louisiana. But there’s still 60 miles of river and all the Texas backwaters.

If they head south they go into Sabine Lake. From there they have three choices. The Intracoastal waterway flows all the way through the eastern seaboard. From here to Florida and beyond to the east. And to Houston/Galveston to the west.

Then there is the Neches River flowing from Sabine Lake to Beaumont, Texas. Or they can peel off the Intracoastal and head up Taylor’s Bayou, Hildebrandts, and a variety of other places toward Beaumont.

From one end to the other, that would be about 250 miles one way. There’s a lot of room for these guys to run. Not so much room for a guaranteed limit of fish.

So the race is on. And could be on for the rest of the day.