Quantity check: Top 5 fish catchers on Day 1 so far

With the catch and release format this week, even smaller keepers that may not help at all will probably hit the scales just to log their weight anyways. With that, we will see which anglers are catching more keepers than the rest of their competitors. At 2:30 p.m. CT on Day 1 here are the Top 5 anglers that have caught the best "Quantity" and where they stack up on the overall BASSTrakk leaderboard.

1. Bradley Roy

Roy has caught 18 keepers on Day 1 with his best five weighing in at 20 pounds, 1 ounce, which has him in 10th place unofficially. Overall, his 18 keepers have tallied 44-8. His average fish weight is roughly 2 1/2 pounds per fish. His limit average pegs at 4 pounds per keeper.

2. Tyler Carriere

The rookie from Louisiana has landed 17 keepers on the first day of competition, but his best five don't stack up to nearly what Roy's have so far. He is mired back in 55th place with a limit worth 12-14. His 17 keepers total up as 34-11, which is roughly a 2-pound average. It doesn't seem like much of a difference compared to Roy's 2 1/2 pound average, but each fish in Carriere's limit is worth, on average, at 2 1/2 pounds. Carriere is missing the quality, but has the quantity down pat.

T-3rd (4 anglers): Tommy Biffle, Skeet Reese, Luke Clausen and Morizo Shimizu

Tommy Biffle has landed 16 keepers on Day 1 and is in a considerable spot as he checks in so far in 27th place. His best five fish are worth 15-15. Overall he has 16 fish for 37-8, which rates out as an average fish of 2-6, just under 2 and a half pounds.

Reese also clocks in with 16 keepers caught thus far on Day 1, but he is further down the leaderboard overall as he sits in 50th. His limit is worth 13-10 meanwhile his 16 keepers tally as 34-10. His average keeper today is sitting at 2-3 and is just under 2 and a quarter pounds per fish. His limit weight per fish is on the high end of the 2-pound spectrum and is 2-12 overall. Oh the difference in a 4-pound fish, which will not only hike up his average overall, but dramatically increase his average fish in his best five.

Clausen is hitting a lot of 2 pounds so far on Day 1 as his tally has 16 keepers at 32 pounds, 10 ounces. He is one spot behind Reese in the standings and is missing the quality that it'll take to survive Sam Rayburn.

Japanese angler Morizo Shimizu is on the quantity train today as well as his 16 total fish check-in at 34-5, which is just above an average fish size that we are seeing so far. He is farther up the standings that both Reese and Clausen as he is sitting around 42nd so far. His limit is worth 14-7 and although it's less than a pound better than both, it's roughly 10 places better.

T-5th (3 anglers): Micah Frazier, Jesse Wiggins, Fred Roumbanis

Micah Frazier's limit of 17-8 is nearly half the weight of his 15 overall keepers. That shows the number of above average fish he has landed. His 35-13 total is respectable and his limit weight is even more so as it has him in 18th. Solid start to this event for Frazier and it seems that he is on a good balance of quantity and quality.

Rookie Jesse Wiggins has almost the same total weight as Frazier with 35-10, but his limit is down nearly 2 pounds to Frazier. I echoed earlier about Morizo having one pound more than Reese and Clausen and it only represents 10 spots, well Frazier's 1-12 advantage over Wiggins is 10 spots as well. Depending on where you are on the leaderboard, a pound difference can mean a different deficit position wise.

Move down the leaderboard roughly 10 more spots to find Fred Roumbanis who checks in at the 39th spot. His five fish weigh 14-8, meanwhile his 15 total fish are worth 32-3. The difference in 2 good bites and 4 good bites seem to be the 20 spot gap between Frazier in 18th and Roumbanis in 20th.