Quality check

In my last blog post, I touched on the disparity with some anglers catching numbers as it translates to the size they are boating. A lot of anglers are sifting through numerous fish and "loading the boat," but it hasn't really elevated them up to the top of the leaderboard. Meanwhile when you look at the criteria needed to be in the Top 5 or 6, it's eerily similar.

From Brent Ehrler down to Randy Howell, Cliff Crochet, Jordan Lee, Gerald Swindle and Hank Cherry the fish catch numbers won't amaze you, but the quality will.

The perfect storm is to catch a bunch of fish with big ones mixed in, but the leaders are making the most out of the least. Of the Top 6 anglers, most have boated 10 or 11 fish with the outliers are Crochet (13) and J. Lee (7). Yet the Top 6 all have 21 pounds, 13 ounces and upwards. Catching 5 good ones to start your day is ideal and it seems on Day 1 that these anglers haven't messed around and got on the necessary quality needed instead of fooling with the quantity. As we watch the rest of the week, it will be interesting to see who finds a quantity/quality balance where they can survive a possible tough day where the size may not show up.