A productive cove

After a little bit of searching, we found a cove that's well known to the locals for holding fish. Let's leave it unnamed on Day 1. Inside, I find a half dozen Elites, including Russ Lane, Edwin Evers, Greg Vinson and Jared Lintner. We head back and watch Lintner lose a nice fish as he pulls it aboard his boat. He turns and reminds us and himself that he can't lose fish this week. That is technically always true for the Elites, but I wasn't going to argue with him.

We watch for a few more minutes in a little bit of awkward silence. Fortunately, Jared finds another one, and this time brings it in. His demeanor completely changes.

Vinson appears and the two anglers discuss how the fish are "biting funny. Just swiping at it."

We drift away and end up watching Russ Lane, who also catches a fish for us. Sometimes out here watching people fish you feel like a bad luck charm. I did earlier when Lintner lost that fish. But then, oddly, the day just changed. We are a floating rabbit's foot now. We are off to see who else we can find.