Prayers for Jeffreys

Friend of the Bassmaster family and co-host of the Bass Talk Live show Mark Jeffreys had a serious accident recently that put him in the hospital. He's on the road to recovery, but please add Mark and his family to your prayer list. Below is his description of the accident and the resulting complications. 

"It’s Been a rough couple of weeks. I was Medi-flighted from our playoff basketball game Saturday March 6th in Chechota, OK to St John’s in Tulsa. Honestly, if they don’t make the call to mediflight me, I’m dead due to bleeding on the brain. I still don’t know exactly what happened after we won the game to go to state. Hugs with my coach, a few pics, then while entering the locker room, I fell and smashed my head and face. Brain damage, broken orbital bone, huge concussion and a messed up hip. This Monday was the first day I have been able to open my eyes in over a week. And my wife’s father passed away last weekend, so a brutal time. I went back to the neurologist on Monday. The brain swelling is down and bleeding on the brain has declined dramatically. Hopefully things continue to improve. Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers, this has been a very challenging time for me and the family. Doing better each day.  Even when things seem so good, you just never know. My strong faith is helping get me through this challenging time."