Pirch is a stickler for details

Clifford Pirch is known as a detail-oriented angler. Nothing is too little to escape his attention. Previously unknown was Pirch's stickler for dental details, as shown in this photo, maybe a B.A.S.S. historical first, of a man with an electric toothbrush in his mouth while driving a bass boat.

Here are some other details about where the 44-year-old Payson, Ariz., angler sits in this tournament at Lake Champlain - right on the bubble to make the Day 2 top 40 cut. Pirch, who is coming off a 24th-place finish at the St. Lawrence River, started today in 40th place with 17 pounds, 2 ounces. Based on what we've seen at Lake Champlain in the past, it will take at least 34 pounds to make the top 40 cut at the end of the day.

In the 2017 Elite Series tournament here, 17-0 was 40th place on Day 1 and 33-5 was 40th on Day 2. Lake Champlain seems to be fishing a bit better this year than it was then.