Pipkens trying to figure it out

It's not atypical for herring fisheries to come alive as the day grows older. We are in the last few hours of competition and BASSTrakk is showing only three of the 15 anglers with five bass limits.

As the sun continues to climb, there is more surface activity — which could prove profitable if, or when, an angler stumbles upon an active school. I say stumble, because of the random depths, areas and structures that herring seem to travel along.

Herring are unpredictable, especially in a spotted bass reservoir that reaches nearly 500 feet in depth.

I am covering Chad Pipkens, who continues to see schooling bass make a flash appearance just over a cast’s length away.

Pipkens has thrown numerous times towards the elusive schools, but has primarily been drop-shotting to pick off bass as he sees them on the graph.

Pipkens is up to three bass as I send this in, not realizing there are three people with less than two fish on the scoreboard. The next two bass will be critical for confirming his spot into the Top 12 for bracket style competition.