Pete’s guide to the Bassmaster Media Guide

Just like your grandmama used to look forward to the big Sears Roebuck catalog and your dad used to anxiously await the annual mega-book from Johnny Morris, one of the highlights of my year is the day I obtain the Bassmaster Media Guide.

It provides a wealth of information, and I refer to it constantly rather than trying to remember who won AOY in 1990 (Guido Hibdon), the 1992 Bassmaster Classic (Robert Hamilton Jr.) or the 1974 Tennessee Invitational on Watts Barr (Al Lindner). The first read-through, however, is mostly for entertainment purposes. I like the little blurbs that the pros write about their hometowns, hobbies and favorite farm animals.

Here, from the home office in Birmingham, are some factoids that made me chuckle, wince or do a double-take. If Arsenio was a bass fisherman, they might’ve even made him go “hmmm.”

Tracy Adams: “I don’t like black cats, $50 bills or bananas.” [Author’s note: Tracy, feel free to ship as many $50 bills as necessary to my address.]

Hank Cherry: “I carry many hats on the boat because not all of them catch fish.”

Keith Combs: “I am terrified of small bass.”

Kurt Dove: “I am a PBR fan and an excellent corn hole player. [Kurt, is that Professional Bull Riding or Pabst Blue Ribbon?]

Shaw Grigsby: “I fish with bananas in my boat.”

Greg Hackney: “I always try to park in the same place.” [Must get tough when the tour moves across the country.]

Kevin Hawk: “I can be bribed with good food.”

Davy Hite: “I am superstitious about my lucky underwear.”

Mike Iaconelli: “I have webbed toes and enjoy gardening, lure design and collecting antique ink bottles.”

Jeff Kriet: “I am superstitious about bananas in my boat and won’t wear red underwear.”

Jared Miller: “My favorite food is frog legs.” [Wondering what that’ll get you from Kevin Hawk.]

Ish Monroe: “I’m the founder of “Ishpirations” (motivational speaking).”

Andy Montgomery: “I wish I hated sports.”

David Mullins: “I am not supersititous about fishing unless I do not have my rabbit’s foot in my right pocket, my shoe laces are tied evenly left to right, and I tap my cap bill four times before making the first cast of the day.”

Chad Pipkens: “I am a somewhat sports fan.” [Maybe you should try to wean Andy Montgomery of the habit.]

Pete Ponds: “I am superstitious about bananas in the boat and only wear one sock while prefishing.”

Cliff Prince: “I am not scared of the dark; I am just scared of what’s in it.” [As long as it’s not Davy Hite’s lucky underwear, I think you’re OK.]

Casey Scanlon: “I caught a 6-foot alligator at Burlington County Lake in Kansas.”

Kevin Short: “I once worked as a pizza delivery person for all of four hours.”

Kevin VanDam: “I can ‘speak cat.’ I sound just like one.” [Has he challenged A-Mart to a “meow-off”?]

Jason Williamson: “I’m very superstitious about anyone eating boiled peanuts in or around my boat. It’s bad luck.” [Can I offer you a banana?]

As originally published at Gary Yamamoto's Inside Line,