Peixotto, Nunez take Elephant Butte

ELEPHANT BUTTE, New Mexico - The second tournament of the New Mexico Bass Team Trail turned into a treasure hunt as prefish howled and swamped boats for anyone that attempted to spawning fish. An 8.61 kicker rocketed Robert Peixotto and Memo Nunez to the top of the leader board. Another one was Richard Sainz with a 7.47 and Bennie Paschall with a 6.03 for the tournament on 4/14/18.

The lake seems to be handling the increased tournament pressure with 33 of the 38 teams weighing in limits and 7 of the top ten teams weighing in at least one 4-pounder even under tough spring weather conditions. We haven’t seen 8-pounder and 7-pounder in a tournament of that size for several years.