Paying the price

I should have been more careful about what I said last week. After bragging about our great weather, things went downhill fast. Yesterday (Tuesday) the temperature dropped to near single digits, and we had snow on the ground.

Before I continue to talk about those things, however, I want to say thanks to my readers and my fans. I received a huge number of well wishes for the holidays and for success with my fishing this year. I really appreciate that. It puts a smile on my face every time I read them.

This weather doesn’t put a smile on my face! I guess I’m spoiled after spending the last few winters in Florida. It’s been so cold and windy here that about all I’ve been able to do is play with my tackle in the garage and watch TV.

The TV is a positive. Right on schedule — after Christmas — all the traditional outdoor sports channels switched from hunting shows to fishing shows. That was a lifesaver. Now I can watch reruns of my favorites.

That’s right, reruns. I’m so bad that I’ll watch a show in the morning and then watch the same show again in the afternoon. I’m like a little kid watching cartoons and quoting the characters before they speak. I love every minute of it.

It drives Tracey crazy, though. She has to go back in the bedroom to watch her shows. She asked me the other day when I was leaving for the first Open. She acted like she didn’t want me to go but I noticed she was looking at the couch while she was talking — dead-on at the spot where I was sitting, and where she wanted to sit.

And speaking of Tracey…On Monday I suggested we go to the Bass Pro Shops in Cincinnati. I can order everything I need online but we’d been cooped up in the house for several days. I thought it would make a nice trip for us, shopping and dinner. But thoughts don’t always translate into action, and certainly not into results.

We were just leaving Columbus on I-71 when we encountered a huge traffic jam. Cars were everywhere on the snow-covered, icy road. We sat there for a while going nowhere. Finally, I decided to make a U-turn and go back home.

U-turns are illegal in Ohio, and Tracey is seriously against anything illegal. It doesn’t matter what it is or why you’re thinking about doing it. I pretty much agree with her. But this was a special situation.

I made the turn. She got a little tense. When we got home without my new fishing lures and without her dinner, I watched my shows and she watched her shows. We spent two hours on the highway for nothing. You’ll notice I haven’t told you who was sitting where, and I’m not going to, either.

Next week we’ll talk fishing. If anyone has any questions they want to ask or topics they want addressed, don’t be shy.

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