Palaniuk in good company

We found Brandon way back in a back water fishing around an area very methodically. He is surrounded by his camera crew in one boat and his family in another, cautious to give him space. Every fish caught is followed by yelling and cheering, and of course lots of photos by his crew.

Bassmaster photographer Garrick Dixon accessed the lakeside as access to Brandon was tight. He made his way around and was greeted by this wonderful couple, pictured above. After a brief conversation and a couple fish catches by Brandon, they explained how a winter project turned into an excellent viewing location.

They spent the winter placing various brush piles and dead branches randomly throughout little ditches in their cove. The hope was that one of the anglers fishing the Bassmaster Classic this week would make their way back looking for fish. It just so happens that not only did their wish come true, but it was last year's Elite Series AOY, BP.

As the sun finally came out, Brandon caught two fish, culling once, and missed one that would have been a solid upgrade.

Stay tuned for some awesome shots in an afternoon gallery on BP!