An open letter to Bassmaster College Series

“May God bless and keep you always

May your wishes all come true…”

Dateline: Wish River

There is a river that runs through the universe,

and on it, floats dreams.

There is a river that runs through the universe,

and it is made of wishes.

Wish River.

And you are about to launch on it.

“…may you build a ladder to the stars

and climb on every rung…”

Wish River, comes for you.

Comes for us all. But only some venture from the shore.

It wasn’t only the boats that got you here.

It wasn’t only the fish that got you here.

Wishes, done got you here as well.

Wishes of your parents, of your friends, of your teammates.

Wishes, of your heart.

“…may you grow up to be righteous

may you grow up to be true…”

My wish for you, is that you never forget, this time of your life. Never, will Wish River run so swift, as it does for you now. Never, will so many wishes be sent your way.

I wish for you, Dreams.

That no matter the situation, and there will be good times and bad, that no matter what, you never stop dreaming.

It is your dreams that America needs.

It is your dreams that the sport of competitive Bass Fishing needs.

I wish for you, Sportsmanship.

Be gentle with this sport, be gracious with this sport, hand it off to the young better than when we handed it off to you.

I wish for you, Adventure.

Grasp adventure, bring, and keep zest in your life, burst onto the world, let us know you are here.

I wish for you, Courage.

Stand up, be counted, do what’s right even if it might not be what’s best for you. Be benevolent, to all living things, whether they walk on two legs or four, whether they breathe with lungs, or gills. Kindness, trumps evil. Kindness wins. Kindness, heals.

“…may your heart always be joyful

and may your song always be sung…”

Be serious, about having fun.

Laugh…make others laugh.

Enjoy yourself…soak up every minute of life...bathe in the beauty around you.



Be thankful.

I wish for you, Wishes.

That in your life, you will make wishes come true for others, as they have done for you.

I wish for you, Forever.

That throughout your life, forever, you have moments like you will have over the next few days.

Moments of being alive, of exhilaration, of being scared, of being at peace, of discovery, of the joy of saying “I Do,” to the person who will be your forever best friend, of holding tiny hands and telling stories in rooms of pink, or blue, filled with stuff animals…and dreams.

I wish for you, Rivers.

That run swift, and deep,

and full of life.

May all your rivers, be filled with wishes.

May you fish for life,

in Wish River.

Because when you do,

you will stay….

…forever young.”

Godspeed my friends.


“Forever Young”

Bob Dylan


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