2013 Classic: One day closer

Overall, practice went decent. I caught a lot of fish, but quality fish were hard to find. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of fish caught during this event. It's going to take some decent weight to win this thing. Hopefully, I learned just enough to give me a solid foundation to build upon during the tournament.

Conditions are about what I expected. The water is in the mid-40s, and overall the weather has been about as good as can be. We did get some snow the night before the second day of practice. Yesterday was really nice with temperatures hitting a high of about 65.

There are a few storms rolling through here today, tomorrow and Wednesday. It's supposed to rain pretty good on Wednesday and then stay cold until Friday. Competition days are shaping up to be exactly like the practice days, which should help guys know what to expect.

Today is rest day, but I doubt any of us are resting. I've spent most of the day working on tackle and getting everything ready. The thing about the Classic is that time is very scarce, and I need to use every available second to make sure I'm ready. The closer we get to the Friday morning launch the less free time we have.

Tonight I'm joining Randy Howell and Alton Jones at the Grove Civic Center for a get together with a community church. Tomorrow is registration and check in. I'll report back tomorrow on how things are shaping up.

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