Nothing settled on Table Rock yet

Yesterday sort of threw a curve ball at these competitors on Table Rock. We saw a few different weather types from partly cloudy to sunny to cloudy and windy and everything in between.

Those things tend to keep anglers on their toes. And during a transition period for a fish moving from summer to fall patterns it just adds to the confusion.

It may or may not get any better on Day Two. Currently it’s in the 40s, spitting rain with an almost certainty of rain setting in within a few hours. That’s a real inconvenience for the human side of things. But this weather is closer to being what it was in practice when several of these guys caught them pretty good.

It will be interesting to see how it all comes together. I expect to see some of our leaders to stumble a bit. And it makes sense a few from lower in the ranks will move as well. But we had too many crazy stories yesterday to think this is in any way settling in as a standard event.

Our leader would be a few spots down without a 6-pound fish. Our second place admits to having a day that went from break down to sleep walking in contention.

Nothing is settled on Table Rock yet. Certainly not the standings, weather or fish.