Noon update

With 2 hours and 45 minutes left of action, the time is running out for those behind the 8-ball.

Today's biggest performer has been Ryan Butler. He has 4 fish for roughly 12 pounds, which could be slightly low because he only weighed two of his fish and the others were close guesses. Pairing his 12 pounds with his 3-10 yesterday has him unofficially in 1st place. It's worth noting that the most fish Butler can weigh for the combined two days is 7 because he only brought 2 to the scales on Friday. Butler has had one rod on the deck of his boat all day, the Whopper Plopper. It's paid off big time.

Beau Govreau has moved from 3rd into 2nd place because of his 5 fish for 10 pounds today. He is just one big bite from jumping dead even with Butler. He only brought 1 to the scales on Friday, but it was a 3-4. That solid fish gave him hope and kept him in the hunt. At most he can only weigh 6 total fish for the 2 days of competition. He is topped out on quantity now, but needs to upgrade his 5 if he wants to move up.

Former Tour pro Robbie Dodson Jr. has caught 4 fish for 9-8 today, which is the second biggest bag of the day, but his kryptonite is his 0 on Friday. That will hurt his cause, but he realistically still has a shot because 15 pounds is doable on Norfork. In fact, he and his father had 15+ pounds on Day 2 of the Team portion. It was bolstered by a 6-0, but it's possible.

Brett Govreau was convinced he had a good shot to win based on their performance earlier in the week. If the delay yesterday killed anyone more than others, it may indeed be Brett. He has alternated between a Whopper Plopper and a jig the last two days. He zeroed yesterday, but has landed three today, two in the last 30 minutes.

Dodson' father, Robert, was the Day 1 leader of the Fish Off and had 3 fish for 6-6. He technically had the easiest path to victory today because he had a decent lead on 2nd and 3rd and was well beyond 4th through 6th because they zeroed. He has yet to catch a keeper today and while I watched him on the water he set the hook and whatever fish he hooked under the dock, came off.

Dustin Lippe is running the same program that partner Ryan Butler is, but Butler opted to ditch the area they pounded during the tournament and fish fresh water they hadn't seen this week. Lippe landed one of his keepers before 7:15 and the other around 8:45, but since has gone cold. They asked for wind today and they certainly got it. Maybe too much in fact because some areas were getting pounded today.

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