Neal in his comfort zone

Local Tennessee angler and Opens pro Michael Neal is fishing in his comfort zone this week as the Chickamauga angler is known as an offshore, ledge guru.

As expected he is doing his offshore gig this week and after two days has himself in 4th place with 41 pounds total. I've watched him rotate through a few baits after he idles over his spots and it's paid off. Neal just culled a 2 1/2 with a 3-pounder and says he has 18 to 19 pounds according to his scales.

He started the day 6-13 behind John Cox, so a 20+ bag is a must. When I left Cox he had 3 for roughly 11 1/2 to 12 pounds so that would put them even, but with Cox still having two fish to add directly to his weight.

Neal is a local and has a lot of Dayton, TN support as evident by 5 boats following him so far. It seems that any time he fishes a tournament on the Tennessee River he's in the mix on the final day.

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