My perspective on ICAST

This coming week, the majority of the Elite Series guys will be traveling to Orlando for the annual ICAST show.  This is not a public outdoors show, but it is for retailers, buyers, and companies in the outdoor industry.  Randy and I enjoy going to it each year whether it is in Las Vegas or Orlando. 

So what does the wife do while hubby is working the show?  Well, many of the wives actually work the show with their husbands.  You might be wondering what the wife could actually be doing?

First, let’s go over what the fishermen are doing at these shows.  Randy is scheduled with many of his current sponsors to give product information for the many tackle retailers in video form.  Bass Pro Shops, Tackle Warehouse, Cabellas, Dicks, etc set up times to video the various pros on all of the new products coming out.  They use these videos for their websites so that you the consumer can learn more about the products, i.e. how they work, in what conditions, etc. 

Randy will also be visiting all of his sponsors that are present at the show and will learn from them about the products he may not already know about that will be coming out during the year.  Also, he is always super excited to see the finished product that he has helped in the development of leading up to ICAST, such as the Livingston Lures Howeller series of crank baits.  

Finally, he will participate in several press conferences concerning the new products being introduced so that the press has the most up to date and accurate information about them. 

Randy really enjoys working ICAST not only to help promote the partners he has and their products, but to see the different company representatives that he usually doesn’t get to see at the tournaments. 

Meanwhile, what am I doing?  Well, for starters I am always close by looking for the perfect “Kodak” moment so that Social Media Robin can document on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram what is going on inside ICAST.  I am also taking notes on my phone about anything someone might ask of Randy to do after the show is over.  It gets so busy that he would never remember a fraction of the requests he gets, so therefore, I am also the official note taker.  Finally, I SMILE, and I SMILE a lot! No kidding, smiling is essential! Why you might ask? First, the two of us work as a team and we are grateful and enjoy every single minute spent together no matter what we are doing.  We also believe that a positive team working together is beneficial to all of our partners in the industry.  So, as Randy says, I am like one of the Sprint NASCAR girls smiling in the background who help make all of the pictures look better! LOL!

I actually enjoy the whole experience of ICAST.  From seeing everyone in the industry to learning about the new products, it is such a great experience.  I like to learn the ins and outs of the products Randy’s sponsors are introducing as well because I need to be knowledgeable when helping him with his social media and various email questions he gets.  When he isn’t available to answer, I can help answer these questions without relying on him to be around before getting back to someone. 

In closing, ICAST is always a highlight of our season and something that we look forward to working together every year.  It is such an important part of many of our partners’ businesses, and therefore, it is important to us.  So make sure you are watching for all the reports on and our social media pages and remember, SMILE, it could change the world around you!


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