Murray still with zero

I've followed Tommy Murray for the first two and a half hours of this final day and he hasn't boated a fish in front of us yet. His co-angler Brandon Clayton did boat a small keeper on the smaller sized River2Sea Whopper Plopper. 

Murray threw a variety of baits that he hoped would clue him in. I saw him throw a walking-style topwater, a spinnerbait and he also flipped a soft plastic. 

Today's conditions are slick calm with warmer forecasted temperatures than Days 1 and 2. Since this event has progressed the wind has lessened and today it isn't present. A slick calm Red River can make it an even tougher day for some. Those in the ultra shallow backwaters have to be even quieter as they operate as well as bait presentation. 

I'm on my way to third place Luke Estel to see how the Illinois angler is fairing.