Mullins goes to school

“We should have two like this right now.”

And with that, David Mullins dropped a 4 1/2 pounder into his livewell. BASSTrakk shows him in second place with 12-8 (yesterday he ended the day in sixth place).

Earlier this morning on LIVE Mix, Mullins lost a fish he guessed to be about 5 pounds. He clearly has something going on with his pattern.

“It’s a one cast deal, just like back home,” he said. “It’s like pulling up on a small isolated rockpile and catching one and so on.”

Mullins says he is working six schools of quality bass in his areas. He rotates through those, allowing each to recharge before returning, armed and ready with his crankbait.

“Yesterday I caught five really quick off one spot and the same thing is happening today,” he said.

Mullins said he caught 40 northern pike and 10 weighable bass.

“Where there are pike, there are bass, because there’s not much for them to get on.”