Much to give thanks for

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Here in the United States it’s very easy to take some things for granted. So, I want to consider the blessings in my life and say thanks for the things I’m thankful for, and to tell the people who I’m thankful for that I am thankful for them. Thanksgiving is a good time to communicate these things.

First and foremost, I’m grateful for my family. Jimmye Sue, my wife, has spent my whole career traveling and homeschooling our kids and making a lot of sacrifices for me to pursue the lifestyle of a professional bass fisherman. I owe a lot of it to her and my kids. I’m thankful for each one of my children. They each have different abilities, gifts, temperaments and demeanors. I’m thankful for my parents and in-laws. We have a unique situation where I get along with Jimmye Sue’s parents, and she gets along great with my parents. In fact, we’ll all be together over Thanksgiving.

One of our traditions is that we all go out to Jimmye Sue’s folks’ ranch in Coleman ,Texas. There will be about 30 of us there. We’ll eat turkey and do all those things, but probably the big thing for us are the football rivalries that exist. Part of our family are Texas Longhorns fans, and the other side are Texas A&M Aggies. This may be the last conference rival game since A&M is going to the SEC next year. We all keep something to throw at the TV in case the game isn’t going our way. Plus, we’ll do some deer hunting while we’re down there.

I’ve got all the venison I need, but my daughters are interested in shooting a deer, so we’ll try to do that. Something else that I’m thankful for is the opportunity to be a professional bass fisherman. That ties in with living in the U.S.A. There is no other country on Earth that has something like a pro bass fisherman that I know of. There are clubs and all, but no pros that I can tell. I’m grateful for all of the sponsors who have been able to walk beside me and make it financially possible for me to pursued my dream. Then very most of all, this is a time for me to be thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and for the work that He did on my behalf when He died on the cross. There is much to be thankful for at the Jones house this year.

I challenge each and every one of you to go out of your way to tell the folks who are important to you that they are. I’m making an effort this year to let my parents, in-laws, and kids know these things because they’re all in good health right now, but none of us have any assurances in this life. You’d hate to wait until it’s too late and have regrets. Take advantage of these moments while you have them.

Beyond that, I am planning an new trip to Falcon. I’ll be going the first few days of December. Also, I can’t go through this blog without mentioning my Baylor Bears and our victory over the Oklahoma Sooners in football this past weekend. Baylor had never beat Oklahoma in football until this past Saturday, so it was a special day. Then on Sunday our No. 1-ranked lady Bears beat No. 2 Notre Dame in basketball.

I also have a new prospective sponsor – who I can’t mention at this time – that has given me some tickets to the Texas Tech game this weekend at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas, so Saturday Little Alton and I will be there. It’s complete with a suite where they provide food for you. We’ve also got tickets to a Cowboys game next month, so I’m grateful for that too!

And lastly, happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys! I hope you get to spend time on the water of in a deer stand.

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