Mr. Mom

Well, I’m playing Mr. Mom this week since my wife, Jimmye Sue, is on a trip with her mother and sister. They’re going to be gone for about a week, so I have puppy duty, errands to do and taxi service to run for my daughters. I tell you what, I’ve only been doing this for a couple of days, and I’m already a couple of days behind!

This makes me really appreciate all the things that Jimmye Sue does around the house that I take for granted. It’s easy to do that. However, these couple of days have been great for the girls and me; we’ve had a lot of time to bond and spend quality time together.

Speaking of puppies, six of the 10 Labrador retriever pups are spoken for, and we have four males left. We’ve picked out the one that we’re going to train; and even at four weeks, they’re already somewhat trainable. They understand simple commands like “no” and “sit.” I didn’t realize you could start this early; the earliest I’ve ever tried before was six weeks. I think we’re going to have a great hunter on our hands here, and that’s something I’m really excited about.

One of my passions has always been bird hunting, but specifically watching and using the dogs. Seeing them work how they’re supposed to be used is very gratifying.

I’m contemplating a trip to Falcon in two weeks. It would be a short trip; however, any time that you can spend down on Falcon is worth the trip. I’ve got my charity event down there in a few weeks, too.

This week and next are full of a lot of good home time. I’ve also been doing a bit of day trading in the stock market, but the more I do that, the more ready I am to hit the lake in my Skeeter.

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