Moving on to Monti

We’ve pulled off Chris Zaldain to watch Kyle Monti for a bit. 

Monti is in his sophomore season on the Elites and still working to get his feet under him. He’s currently out of next week’s AOY field. And I don’t think a win here, would get him there. He’d have to have a lot of help from those around him. But a win here would go a long way in helping establish his name among the searching eyes of sponsors. 

We are watching him fish off shore a bit and we’ve not been here long before he hooked up with a nice largemouth. It didn’t keep. But his third place standing in BassTrakk tells us he must be catching a few. 

We hope so. Monti is a guide in south Florida, seeing him off shore is a little strange. But obviously he’s growing his arsenal. It would be a good story to see him stay a factor like this. 

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