Monti has a largemouth

We can see Kyle Monti clearly having angst over one of the fish in his well. 

We are watching body language to come to our conclusion. But after a conversation with Trip Weldon on another matter, Weldon let me know that the fish he was worried about appeared to be a largemouth. 

That explains why Monti’s cameraman hasn’t put the fish in BassTrakk. We do know he has two keepers. 

The whole identifying game of is it a spot or a largemouth has been going on all week. There have been a few taken out of anglers’ creels at the bump station. 

Typically the argument is about a tongue patch. Spotted bass have a rough tongue patch. But occasionally so do largemouth and smallmouth. So a rough tongue can’t be the only way to tell one fish from another. 

Law Enforcement typically follow these rules. If the jaw hinges in front of the eye it’s a smallmouth. If it hinges below the eye it’s a spot. It it hinges behind the eye it’s a largemouth. 

Pretty simple realty and it takes care of the occasional cross breed. 

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