Merry Christmas!

I'll be spending this Christmas in Dallas with my parents and sisters and their families which is a tradition. Last year we had a white Christmas here in central Texas, but it's looking like it may be the opposite this year. There may be a Christmas spawn on our power plant lakes. These days I'm a little too big for Santa's lap but I still always manage to put together a Christmas wish list. I hope a lot of the things that are on my list will be on yours, too.

  • Skeeter FX20 with a 250-horse Yamaha SHO

  • Brand new 6-foot, 9-inch Kistler Z-Bone rod

  • Ardent XS1000 reel

  • A whole case of XCalibur XCS100 crankbaits

  • Box of Booyah jigs

  • 10-pound bass

While all of these gifts would be great, the reason we give and receive gifts at Christmas time is to remember the greatest gift that has ever been given. That is when God sent His Son on Christmas Day a little more than 2,000 years ago to become a man and die as God the Son for our sins so that we may have true life.

My real Christmas wish is that you would know our Savior and know Him well. Merry Christmas! On another note, last week I went to the Skeeter plant to pick up my new FX20; while I was there, I got to help serve food to all the employees for their holiday party. It was great spending time with those folks. Also, the photo is of me and Burton Lawless at a Baylor Lady Bears game. Burton was kind enough to invite me and my father-in-law to sit with him in the front row. I mean, we were there with the team. As a surprise, he brought along his three Super Bowl rings and allowed me to put them on with my Classic ring. I won't be posting another blog until the new year; by then I should have my new boat fully broken-in and should have some stories to go along with that. May God bless each and every one of you and your families in this Christmas season, and may He bless us all in the New Year.