Menendez looking for big bites now

We rolled up on Mark Menendez just as he switched to a big-fish presentation - and he landed a good one right away.

He said he caught a quick 10-pound limit this morning, as many anglers on Lake Martin often try to do.

Right now, he’s using the same cantaloupe and red spinnerbait skirt on his lure that he used to catch the 13-pound largemouth that once held the record as the biggest ever caught in a BASS event. He doesn’t need one quite that big to cement a Top 12 performance.

BASSTrakk currently has him with 9-4, but it hasn’t updated since his most recent cull.

By the way, he says the correct name for the color of spinnerbait he’s using is “Elroy.” It’s named after former Bassmaster Classic qualifier Elroy Kruger.