Menendez has decision to make

Mark Menenedez has just two areas that are producing his catches. One is in Fort Loudoun and the other is 35 miles away in Tellico Lake. Menendez is 9th on the Leaderboard with 23 pounds, 14 ounces, and now 19th in BassTrakk with nothing in his livewell. 

This morning, Menendez told me that he hoped to only visit one of the areas, to keep the other for a potential Championship Sunday outing. Now, he's not so sure. 
"I've got a decision to make about whether to stay here or make the run," he said.
Making the run would be to Tellico. His Loudoun spot is similar, though. It's a rocky shoreline with rocky depressions and veins extending from the bank. The setup is ideal for the Strike King 1.5 square bill crankbait that he is using. 
Hooking baitfish with the crankbaits is a hindrance but also a good sign. 
"There is plenty of bait; I just need the warmer water to bring more bass into the shallow water," he added. 
At this point, making the run might be the only option.