Lucas getting to it

Justin Lucas started his day in sixth place at Lake Oahe, but he’s moved into second place behind Bradley Roy in the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year race.

He spent most of yesterday on the deep side of an extended underwater point working suspended fish with a drop shot. A tactic much of the Top 50 has been employing.

He’s back in the same spot again today.

We call it gaming. The angler watches his graph for either an arc on the bottom, or suspended within the water column. He’s employing several aspects at once to entice the fish into position to bite his offering.

More on those details later.

He just hooked up on a very nice fish, but after playing the it out boatside, it came unpinned. He was undeterred as it was the earliest bite he’s had on this spot, a good sign for the young Alabama pro.