Lowen not messing the beds

Bill Lowen has moved from the pocket where he started today, the one where he caught most of his fish yesterday. But he didn't go far. He's still way up the White River, deep in Missouri. There are bass on spawning beds all over this pocket, but Lowen ain't messin' with 'em.
Here's how much he ain't messin' with them: Lowen told us to motor along the bank he'd just fished and there were bass on beds every four or five feet. Lowen is going to keep flipping shallow cover, just like he did yesterday.

Lowen would have messed with some schoolers that blew up on the surface earlier today, if he could have. But in an effort to lighten his boat for the long run up here, Lowen removed some of his tackle, including, accidentally, his topwater baits.

"What kind of man runs up the river without any topwater baits," said Lowen, who managed to chuckle at his misfortune.

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