Double-digit bass on Falcon

I usually don’t go to Falcon Lake on the weekends because of the crowd, but I recently had some time and headed down there. The fishing is good, but not outstanding. The numbers aren’t what they usually are, but the quality is spectacular. My good friend David Holecek and I caught about 30 fish a day, but on Saturday I caught a 10- and an 11-pounder. That’s not something you do every day.

The lake is about 40 feet low, and if it gets much lower, you’ll be looking for a place to put in off the bank because the one useable ramp will be dry. For big fish, it’s usually a crankbait bite this time of year, but this last trip it was almost exclusively a flipping bite. That’s right up my alley, so I was happy. I caught the 10 and the 11 on a 6-inch Yum Dinger.

The trip was good, good enough that I’ve got another one lined up for this weekend. I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon because I have a grand jury meeting tomorrow. Being a part of a grand jury isn’t like a regular jury duty meeting, you go over lots and lots of cases in a day rather than just listening to one. The last time we met, we went over 92 cases. It’s really kind of interesting, and it reminds you of all the whackos out there doing all sorts of bad stuff and just how important our criminal justice system is.

Also, I’ve got to begin the task of organizing my tackle room, which is woefully incomplete. In the barn, there are many, many boxes of tackle; if I do a box a day, I might have it all done by the time I leave for Oneida. Still, it’s like pulling teeth. It’s important, but the least fun part of my job.

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