Louisiana with two

The Louisiana team of Wes Rollo and Hunter Owens took the Day 1 lead with 19-11. They fell back to 2nd after catching 13-2. They trailed the leaders by 2-1 to start the day, but I opted to start with them because of an early shad-spawn type bite. Their first spot of the day is loaded with bait and they jump, bust and flicker for the first couple hours of the day.

They were hoping with 45 more minutes of fishing, due to the early boat number, would result in quick action, but that wasn’t the case. Bass blew up on their topwater numerous times this morning, but never fully committed. It was frustrating times, but they kept adjusting. Boat Captiain and two-time College Bass regional champion Johnny Ledet called a few timeouts to brainstorm what they could try.

They eventually rotated through baits to a chatterbait and it yielded two bites in four minutes. Keepers 1 & 2 were both two pounds and change, but it’s a start. Seems that the window of biting starts at 7 no matter what time they get here. Too much bait can make it hard for bass to pick out their lures.

Two in the boat so far and they are hoping for a third straight day with a limit, which has been a hard feat this week.