A lot going on out here

Every morning fish of all sizes have been breaking the surface. It’s been a constant chatter of breaks and splashes.

Today the wind is brisk, with a nice fisherman’s chop on the water. You can’t hear that chatter of breaking, but the fish are still breaking and chasing this morning. You can see the breaks. And occasionally hear them when they are close.

But these guys seem to be having just as much trouble catching them today as the past two days. They peel one out every once in a while. But with the wind and activity, you’d think it should be every cast.

As soon as I start typing that. Christie starts catching fish on virtually every cast. He caught four in the time it took me, with pauses, to type that last blog.

Only one was big enough to weigh. The point is, while there may not be much jumping around on BASSTrakk, there is a lot going on out here.