Looking for wind

You would figure that anglers would be looking for hand warmers or coffee given today's weather, but in fact they are looking for wind.

Most, if not all of these anglers are throwing topwater, which is something I haven't seen all week. It's an Ozark region party in the fish off as each team is from a lake in this region. The Govreaus are from Lake of the Ozarks, Lippe and Butler are from Table Rock and the Dodson's are from Bull Shoals.

Ozark anglers have a way of reading rocks like Florida fisherman can look at a grass mat and see if it fits their pattern.

It certainly showed the toughness of this fishery as the majority of the Top 10 was from this region and have experience on these fisheries and how they act during weather changes.

It also explains why I hadn't seen a single team throw a topwater all week, yet every bracket angler today has utilized it. It seems that anglers were fishing the air temperature and not the water temperature. With these sub-freezing temperatures each day you would expect a slow presentation to excel, but with 56 degree water they are in the middle of their fall frenzy even though it's December 8th.

Every angler is running and gunning looking for one thing, wind.