Long road to the Potomac

After a six-hour global shutdown on Monday caused about 1,800 flights to be delayed and canceled by Delta Airlines, the road to the Potomac became a lot longer for B.A.S.S. staff headed to the event. A large number of our normal slate of bloggers and tournament workers have been tied up in the airports for the past 2 days, including Seigo Saito, Thomas Allen, Steve Wright, and Bryan Brasher.

Watch Seigo's saga unfold on Instagram below. 

If you are on your way to the eighth Bassmaster Elite event of the season, be sure to check on your flight the day before leaving, and come prepared for long waits. We recommend lots of snacks and basscams to get you through the night.

If you’re stuck waiting for a flight on your way to Maryland, tag @bass_nation in your photos, and we’ll lend you our moral support with likes and retweets.

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