Locals gaining steam

It's a pretty good notion that the three local anglers congregated near the top of the standings are probably doing something similar when they all make furious jumps and go through synced flurries. Tennessee anglers Skylar Hamilton, David Mullins and Ott DeFoe are all in the Top 10 right now. Ott DeFoe has landed 12 fish so far, which is more than the other two anglers, meanwhile Skylar Hamilton has landed just five keepers today. They both have similar livewell weight at 15-12 for DeFoe and 15-0 for Hamilton, which tells me every fish Skylar catches is a good keeper while DeFoe is culling through some small ones as he works his way to a bigger bag.

David Mullins is smushed in between the two as he has boated nine fish today and has roughly a 13- to 14-pound bag. From the looks of the four fish he has culled, they were all in the low 2-pound range. Fishing seems to be picking up and the consensus is that this sun could help keep the shallow bite alive if it heats up enough.