What is a hot tree?

Watching LIVE you can see Dustin Connell talking about "fishing a hot tree." What he means is, a tree that looks like prime fish habitat. Connell is flipping very thick deep green wood cover on the edge of the river channel. He believes with two 4-pound bites he can seal the deal. 

It may take an abundance of trees before Connell finds these bites, but he is fishing with patience and selecting which trees he's flipping with precision. He noted he believes the spotted bass will be more prone to bite with bluebird skies, than largemouth in post-frontal conditions. 

Like I said in an earlier blog this week, Connell told me the night after the Classic, "if there's one tournament I'm gonna win, it'll be Ross Barnett."

He's fishing with confidence.

Let's see if the rookie can pull it off.