Lintner making his pattern work

Jared Lintner has finally started making his pattern work.

He’s finished his limit and culling now. Currently he’s in third or so with about 11 pounds. But I kind of doubt that number.

Unless I heard wrong, which is entirely possible, he just culled a 2.34 pound bass with 2.74. My math is often hazy. But if the 2.74 is his biggest and he threw back the other that sort of adds up to 2 1/2 pound average. Something like 12 or 13 pounds.

I’m assuming a lot. It’s what I do. But I kind of expect Lintner to have more than what he’s showing come weigh in time. For that matter, I expect several of these guys to have more than what’s on BassTrakk. It’s kind of an unspoken rule or something.