License to grill

This has been the most restful week the Jones household has had in a long time. I've gotten to enjoy one of my favorite things: cooking on the grill. We've been doing all sorts of family stuff, too.

Little Alton is trying to finish up his summer school session so he will have enough credits to transfer to Baylor. He commented to me yesterday that he wasn't looking forward to summer school at the beginning of the semester. However, he's taking geology and golf, and he really likes the geology class because he gets to spend a lot of time outside. He says he can go golf, look for rocks or fish. He thinks it isn't such a bad summer after all.

The girls are really enjoying their time with friends. One of my daughters is going to music school all week and she's gotten one of the lead parts in the church play, so we've been busy working on lines and that sort of thing.

Like I said, I've been grilling out or cooking outside almost every day this week. One night I grilled shrimp; another night I did rib eyes; another time I did snow crab legs. I'd like to share a recipe with you all. It's some of the best corn you'll ever have.

  • Get some whole ears of corn, remove the husk, and one hour before you grill it soak it in a tub of ice-cold salt water. Filling a bucket works. Let them sit for an hour and put them directly onto the grill. I'll grill them at 350 degrees over direct heat for about 15 minutes turning every few minutes. Once a few kernels are brown, they're done. 

I've been catching up on some honey-dos, installing things in the kitchen and other chores. I'm also watching the weather real close because a lot of the rain from that hurricane dumped around Falcon Lake. Falcon is the only lake in the world where the fishing isn't good when the lake is rising. I was planning a trip there in the next week or so, but it looks like I'll move it back a few weeks. There is so much thick shoreline brush that you can't get to them when the water rises. Why? Because when water rises the bass go to the bank.

Oh, ICAST is in a couple of weeks. I'll be there on behalf of Ardent reels. I'm excited about the new and ongoing products that we'll have there. ICAST is always fun for anyone in the fishing industry for two reasons. First, you get to see folks you haven't seen in a while and secondly, you get to see all the cool new stuff! There are innovative products, and you can see who's been busy on the research and development front. There are things at ICAST that you don't see anywhere else. Sometimes that's the only place you see them and other times you can spot a trend early.

Hopefully in the next installment I can give you all a sneak peek at what we'll be offering. On another note, this is Fourth of July weekend. I'd like to extend a special thanks to all of our soldiers overseas fighting for our freedom. I really want to let them know that the Jones family keeps them in our prayers and thoughts and we are extremely grateful for all that they do. God bless America!