Lester livin’ on the edge

Guntersville is world renown for its grass and ledge fishing, so it’s no surprise that Tennessee pro Brandon Lester—and many others—are focusing on the grass edge.

While Lester is utilizing multiple presentations today, a popular approach to spring bass is to drag a lipless or a shallow-running jerkbait or something similar along the grass.

With the many miles of grass edges in this lake, you can get a portion of the 53-man field will be fishing it.

Lester seems to be on something pretty special so far, he’s amassed over 16 pounds, and is in second place, according to BASSTrakk.

It’s safe to assume 16 pounds won’t go far, but it’s a solid start, and this is Lester’s bread and butter. He’s one big cull from 20 pounds, and he’s doing what he’s best at.

More to come.